Qlean tec

Qlean tec

As part of the international chemical group Christeyns, Qlean-tec cleansing concepts for professional use are developed and marketed. Our range focuses on the food industry, the automotive and professional kitchens. With high quality cleaning products and innovative concepts, we are happy to be your partner in the field of hygiene.
The core: supplying total solutions with the right products and the right service.

Our approach: unburdening from A to Z
We are happy to make it easy with user-friendly cleaning systems and ready-made total concepts for specific segments.

Our total solutions are about more than just the right products. Qlean-tec stands for safety and security. Safe products and packaging, targeted advice and guidance in the workplace for safe handling of products. High on our agenda is to relieve you in the field of hygiene. Hygiene standards demand the utmost from our customers. With professional support, a range of tools and training options, we provide extra security to guarantee all hygiene requirements. We like to distinguish ourselves through a high level of service, genuine tailor-made advice and fast delivery.

Our total solutions combine the right products and services for you. You do not pay the highest price for this. Our program is versatile, but cost-saving.

Look at our branches to see which concept we would like to use for you.

Qlean-tec and sustainable
Of course, Qlean-tec is extremely aware of the social commitment to the environment. It is not without reason that CSR is one of our spearheads. Read more about our sustainable products and solutions here.

Objective Qlean-tec
Our objective is clear: in the end we are concerned with achieving the best hygiene results.

Also view our video to see what we do and what we stand for.