Model 04D/6S Dishwasher & utensils, trays 600x400, basket 500x600 mm "Full-Hygiène "

Article number: B 04D/6S
Delivery time: 24u

Trays 400x600mm fit in this dishwasher.

Model 04D/6S

mm (BxDxH) : 600x695xh850
kW : 6,7
Volt : 400-230/3N 50Hz
kg : 77,1
M³ : 0,57
- Low version, installation option under sinks and cupboards etc....
- "Double-walled" Version
- With anti-pollution device, AB type (Break Tank), including rinse pump (atmospheric boiler)
- Load height 405 mm
- 3 stages: washing, discharge, rinse
- Drain pump, standard
- Rinse pump, standard (atmospheric boiler)

- Double-walled version completely in stainless steel AISI 304. - Rotating wash and rinse arms (upper and lower), lower in stainless steel - Self-cleaning jets -Tank (23 Lt., 2,1 kW) with rounded edges, "stamped" bottom - Stamped basket runners, no roughness and no limescale. - "Integral" tank filter in "cast" stainless steel -"patented" filter pump allows to keep the wash water cleaner and at the right temperature. - "Stamped" double walled door, "removable" gasket, stamped handle. - Removable control panel, easy after-sales-service.
- Automatic discharge function of the water tank, integrated in control panel (not necessary anymore to remove manually the plug). Automatic filling of the tank. - Check valve - Hot water rinse (2,5 Lt. water consumption per cycle), stainless steel boiler (with pressure, 7 Lit., 6/8 kW) - Possibility of regulation of tank and boiler temperature - Washing pump (double flux), which guarantees important energy savings, with "Soft start" device - Micro switch, when the door opens. - Safety thermostat. - Standard : 2 baskets, 1 basket for plates 500x600, 1 basket 500x500, 1 cup NB inclined structure, for desks (on request)

- "peristaltic" dosing kit of liquid detergent and drain pump kit as standard
- CSD digital control panel (soft touch)
- EED energy saving
- TCD Device which permits to always rinse at 85°C.
- DRD accelerated preheating phase
- DID System zur Selbstdiagnose bei Anomalien
- ADD display of boiler and tank temperature (HACCP conform)
- DDD partial draining of the tank, evacuation through the tank bottom - CID door with automatic closure "Soft Contact" (partial opening to evacuate the fog)
- RGD Rinsing at constant temperature, stable pressure
- BTD "Break Tank", anti-pollution device, AB type
- CAD self-cleaning cycle (100% automatic)
NB: machines guaranteed for "osmosis" water supply.

The "break tank" is anti-pollution device, AB type (UK standards). 1) It prevents that the tank water (with detergent) flows back to the distribution system. 2) During the whole rinsing process, its pump guarantees a constant pressure, the drying and the hygiene are ensured by a T° of 85°C...until the last water drop!

The last generation machinery, state-of-the-art technologies, energy-saving, energy-saving technologies, low consumption of energy, water and detergent, thanks to tank with larger capacity and its "patented" filter to keep the washing water at a good temperature , as well as a high efficiency wash pump (double flux).

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